Mission: Impossible 1-3 (3 DVD)
  • Mission: Impossible 1-3 (3 DVD)

Mission: Impossible 1-3 (3 DVD)

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Used DVD. Running time: 5 h 44 min. Age rating: 16
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Tom Cruise stars as secret agent Ethan Hunt in all three blockbuster instalments of the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE franchise, collected here. Based on the hit 1960s-´70s TV series, the films feature a raucous mix of spectacular chases, amazing stunts, high-tech gadgetry, and elaborate schemes. Set against a backdrop of paranoia and intrigue, Hunt and his Impossible Mission Force (IMF) traverse the globe, working to foil the plans of villains and terrorists. And as ever, it´s a question of who´s double-crossing whom?

Directors: Brian De Palma,John Woo,J.J. Abrams

Actors: Tom Cruise,Dougray Scott,Thandie Newton,Rade Serbedzija,Michelle Monaghan


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