Roger Dodger (DVD)
  • Roger Dodger (DVD)

Roger Dodger (DVD)

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Used DVD. Running time: 1 h 41 min. Age rating: 12
Subtitles: finnish

Cynical advertising executive Roger Swanson (Campbell Scott) fancies himself as a modern day Casanova, capable of charming any woman he chooses into bed. His smug confidence is dented when his boss, Joyce (Isabella Rossellini), unexpectedly ends their casual affair, dumping him in favour of another employee. To make matters worse, Roger receives a surprise visit from Nick (Jesse Eisenberg), his 16-year-old nephew. Having been told by his mother that his Uncle Roger is something of a ”ladies man”, Nick, determined to rid himself of his virginity, has come in search of advice on the art of seducing women. Rallying to the cause, Roger agrees to take Nick on a wild trip through Manhattan’s nightlife for a crash course on ”how to close the deal”. As the night progresses, the roles of teacher and student begin to blur as Roger slowly comes to realise there is still a lot to learn about women, relationships and sex.

Director: Dylan Kidd

Actors: Campbell Scott,Ben Shenkman,Isabella Rossellini,Jennifer Beals,Morena Baccarin,Jesse Eisenberg,Elizabeth Berkley,Gabriel Millman,Chris Stack,Mina Badie,Lisa Emery,Flora Diaz,Stephanie Gatschet,Colin Fickes,Tommy Savas


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