25th Hour - Viimeinen ilta (25th Hour) (DVD)
  • 25th Hour - Viimeinen ilta (25th Hour) (DVD)

25th Hour - Viimeinen ilta (25th Hour) (DVD)

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Käytetty DVD. Kesto: 2 h 9 min. Ikäraja: 16
Tekstitykset: suomi

Spike Lee’s The 25th Hour tells the story of Monty Brogan’s (Edward Norton) last twenty-four hours, spent with his two best friends, Frank (Barry Pepper) and Jacob (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and girlfriend (Rosario Dawson) before going to serve a seven-year prison sentence for pushing heroin. Prowling through the city until dawn with his closest friends, he is forced to re-examine his life. Monty does not know how he has got himself into this predicament but realises that in accepting easy money and perks, he has lost his dream and values. Tensions build, old resentments resurface and friendships are tested. But will Monty be brave enough to accept his punishment...

Ohjaaja: Spike Lee

Näyttelijät: Edward Norton,Anna Paquin,Brian Cox,Rosario Dawson,Barry Pepper,Philip Seymour Hoffman,Philip Seymor Hoffman,Aaron Stanford,Isiah Whitlock Jr.,Tony Siragusa,Levani Outchaneichvili,Tony Devon,Misha Kuznetsov,Michael Genet,Patrice O´Neal,Al Palagonia


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