Long Kiss Goodnight, The (DVD)
  • Long Kiss Goodnight, The (DVD)

Long Kiss Goodnight, The (DVD)

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Used DVD. Running time: 1 h 56 min. Age rating: 16
Subtitles: finnish

Samantha Caine a suburban schoolteacher, suffers from amnesia. When her mysterious past begins to haunt her idyllic life, she sets out on a desperate search to discover her true identity. Aided by Mitch Hennessy a dead-beat private detective, she follows a trail of clues into the middle of a terrorist conspiracy in the US Intelligence community. They slowly learn that Caine is a lot more than a soft spoken teacher. Repressed from her memory is her former life as Charly Baltimore, a highly trained secret agent and klller. But Charly is slowly re-emerging, which spells trouble for the terrorists, and any body else who gets in her way.

Director: Renny Harlin

Actors: Samuel L. Jackson,Geena Davis,David Morse,Brian Cox,Melina Kanakaredes,Patrick Malahide,Alan North,Tom Amandes,Rex Linn,Craig Bierko,Joseph McKenna,Dan Warry-Smith,Yvonne Zima,Kristen Bone,Jennifer Pisana


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