Thin Ice (2011) (DVD)
  • Thin Ice (2011) (DVD)

Thin Ice (2011) (DVD)

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New DVD. Running time: 1 h 30 min. Age rating: 12
Subtitles: finnish,swedish

Academy Award nominee Greg Kinnear, Academy Award winner Alan Arkin, and Billy Crudup lead a celebrated cast in the most critically acclaimed caper of the year. Mickey Prohaska (Kinnear) is a small-time insurance agent looking for one big score to get him out of frigid Wisconsin. But Mickeys clever con spirals out of control when an unstable locksmith (Crudup) turns the tables and raises the stakes higher than he ever imagined.

Director: Jill Sprecher

Actors: Billy Crudup,Lea Thompson,Greg Kinnear,Alan Arkin,Jennifer Edwards-Hughes,David Harbour,Michelle Arthur,Peter Moore,James Detmar,John Paul Gamoke,Scott Crouch,Michelle Hutchison,Michael Paul Levin,Kathryn Lawrey,Joe Minjares,Peter Thoemke


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