Dream Lover (1994) (DVD)
  • Dream Lover (1994) (DVD)

Dream Lover (1994) (DVD)

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Used DVD. Running time: 1 h 39 min. Age rating: 18
Subtitles: english

After a bitter divorce, wealthy architect Ray (James Spader) fears he’ll never love again... until he bumps into sexy, sophisticated Lena (Madchen Amick) and sparks begin to fly. Before long they are happily married and have a family. But when Ray’s suspicious nature gets the better of him and he begins to investigate Lena’s past, what he finds may not only threaten the state of their marriage.... but also Ray’s life!

Director: Nicholas Kazan

Actors: James Spader,Mädchen Amick,Bess Armstrong,Larry Miller,Irwin Keyes,Joseph Scoren,Clyde Kusatsu,Kate Williamson,William Shockley,Kathleen York,Fredric Lehne,Joel McKinnon Miller,Tom Lillard,Carl Sundstrom,Archie Lang


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