Commitments, The (1991) (DVD)
  • Commitments, The (1991) (DVD)

Commitments, The (1991) (DVD)

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Used DVD. Running time: 1 h 53 min. Age rating: 7
Subtitles: english

Dubliner Jimmy Rabbitte, is a man with a vision - to bring soul music to Dublin. His friends Derek and Outspan ask him to manage their band and Jimmy agrees, but only on his terms. He places an ad in the local paper which simply reads ”have you got soul? If so, the World’s Hardest Working Band is looking for you”. And so were born The Commitments... However all does not go smoothly, and soon their success on stage is overshadowed by their off-stage rivalry. This is one of the best feelgood movies of the early 1990’s, guaranteed to have you laughing, cringing and singing along. Watch out for the bit parts and cameos by Andrea and Jim Corr and the man himself, Alan Parker.

Director: Alan Parker

Actors: Colm Meaney,Angeline Hall,Michael Aherne,Robert Arkins,Andrew Strong,Maria Doyle,Angeline Ball,Maria Doyle Kennedy,Dave Finnegan,Bronagh Gallagher,Félim Gormley,Glen Hansard,Dick Massey,Johnny Murphy,Kenneth McCluskey,Anne Kent,Andrea Corr


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