Ryöstö (Heist (2001)) (DVD)
  • Ryöstö (Heist (2001)) (DVD)

Ryöstö (Heist (2001)) (DVD)

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Used DVD. Running time: 1 h 45 min. Age rating: 16
Subtitles: finnish,swedish,english

John Moore (Gene Hackman) has a beautiful young wife, money owed to him, and a job he loves. He’s a thief. His job goes sour however when he gets caught on security camera tape. His fence, Bergman (Danny DeVito) reneges on the money he’s owed, and his wife (Rebecca Pidgeon) may be betraying him with the fence’s young lieutenant (Sam Rockwell). Moore and his partner, Bobby Blane (Delroy Lindo) and their utility man, Pinky Pinkus (Ricky Jay) find themselves broke, betrayed, and blackmailed. Moore is forced to commit his cew to do Bergman’s One Last Big Job. Will Bergman shop Moore to the police? Will Moore’s wife trade him in for a younger model? Will Blane and Pincus cut their losses and get out? Who is to be believed, who is to be betrayed? Won’t someone who’s lied once, lie again? Who’s going to walk away smiling and who’s not going to walk at all? Director David Mamet brings you this smart, masterfully-minded heist, full of action and suspense guaranteed to grab your attention.

Director: David Mamet

Actors: Gene Hackman,Delroy Lindo,Danny DeVito,Rebecca Pidgeon,Ricky Jay,Sam Rockwell,Michelle Sweeney,Mark Camacho,Patti LuPone,Alan Bilzerian,Richard L. Friedman,Robert Lussier,Elyzabeth Walling,Mike Tsar,Jim Frangione


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