Kahdeksanjalkaiset kummajaiset (Eight Legged Freaks) (DVD)
  • Kahdeksanjalkaiset kummajaiset (Eight Legged Freaks) (DVD)

Kahdeksanjalkaiset kummajaiset (Eight Legged Freaks) (DVD)

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Used DVD. Running time: 1 h 36 min. Age rating: 12
Subtitles: finnish

The residents of a rural mining town discover that an unfortunate chemical spill took place at a spider farm. Now the once tiny spiders turn into giant terrors that that torture the city. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of Eight Legged Freaks roaming around the city, killing anything that comes in there way. Now, it’s up to mining engineer Chris McCormack (David Arquette) and Sheriff Sam Parker (Kari Wuhrer) to stop them...

Director: Ellory Elkayem

Actors: David Arquette,Kari Wuhrer,Scott Terra,Scarlett Johansson,Leon Rippy,Jay Arlen Jones,Doug E. Doug,Rick Overton,Matt Czuchry,Eileen Ryan,Riley Smith,Matt Holwick,Jane Edith Wilson,Jack Moore,Roy Gaintner


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