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Fantavision (PS2)
  • Fantavision (PS2)
  • Fantavision (PS2)

Fantavision (PS2)

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Used PlayStation 2 game. Age rating: exempt

Design your own fireworks display, then sit back and watch as the night sky explodes into millions of multicoloured polygons. Choose from numerous cosmopolitan cityscapes, amusement parks, and even a space station orbiting the Earth. In this action-puzzle game, you will gain points by detonating bigger and brighter displays and then move on to advanced levels and bonus rounds. In the replay mode, change the camera angle, add weather conditions and a bag of psychedelic effects for a unique experience. 3-D graphics and real-time lighting effects help create unique sequences of explosions each game. For an added challenge, take on a friend in the two-player mode.


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