The Smurfs: Complete 1st Season (1981) (4 DVD)
  • The Smurfs: Complete 1st Season (1981) (4 DVD)

The Smurfs: Complete 1st Season (1981) (4 DVD)

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New DVD. Running time: 10 h 43 min. Age rating: exempt
Subtitles: no / not known

Light-hearted and adorable, the Smurfs have delighted millions of children with their animated adventures and can-do attitude. Located in cosy Smurf Village, all of the show´s blue-complected characters--including carefree Handy, know-it-all Brainy, sweet Smurfette, and fatherly Papa Smurf--have something that makes them special. But when the going gets tough, their most important resource is each other. As the little guys (and girl) hunt for smurfberries and fend off the evil designs of the wizard Gargamel, they learn some important lessons. This collection presents all the episodes from the show´s first series.


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