Messiah - Series 3 & 4 (2 DVD)
  • Messiah - Series 3 & 4 (2 DVD)

Messiah - Series 3 & 4 (2 DVD)

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Used DVD. Running time: 5 h 40 min. Age rating: 18
Subtitles: english

Series 3: As a prison riot erupts into violence, Red comes face to face with the ring leader: the man who once held him hostage and nearly drove him mad. Injured prisoners are moved to a crumbling, overstretched hospital. But what they don’t know is a killer’s amongst them, preying on their weaknesses. As the vicious murders spiral out of control, can Red and his team put aside their own emotional torment and find a method in his madness?

Series 4: When the team arrive at a van abandoned on landfill sight they soon realise this is a case, the like they have never seen before. The van door is locked, the glass darkened, an angry buzzing inside. Phoebe is in the front seat, wasps crawling in and out of her open mouth: SAVE ME is written in blood on the windscreen. Red’s analytical skills are stretched to the limit as he tries to fathom the workings of the mind of a killer determined to create their own Hell here on earth.

Director: Diarmuid Lawrence

Actors: Ken Stott,Neil Dudgeon,Frances Grey,Michelle Forbes,Jamie Draven


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