A Place to Call Home Series One (2 DVD)
  • A Place to Call Home Series One (2 DVD)

A Place to Call Home Series One (2 DVD)

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Used DVD. Running time: 9 h 45 min. Age rating: 16
Subtitles: no / not known

Set in rural Australia in the 1950s, A Place to Call Home is a sweeping and romantic drama of one woman’s journey to heal her soul and of a privileged family’s confrontation with a changing era.

Marta Dusseldorp (Jack Irish) leads the cast as Sarah Adams, a woman with a mysterious past who returns to Australia after 20 years abroad. Tragic news is about to cause her to make the long delayed journey back home. Working her passage home aboard an ocean liner, Sarah becomes involved in the lives of the Blighs, a wealthy Australian family, which will change her life forever.

It is time for Sarah to begin her journey towards healing and find A Place To Call Home.

Actors: Craig Hall,Noni Hazlehurst,Brett Climo,Marta Dusseldorp,Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood


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