Warrior, The (Special Edition) (aka Musa) (2 DVD)
  • Warrior, The (Special Edition) (aka Musa) (2 DVD)

Warrior, The (Special Edition) (aka Musa) (2 DVD)

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Käytetty DVD. Kesto: 2 h 7 min. Ikäraja: 18
Tekstitykset: englanti

Over five years in the making and the most expensive Korean film ever made, The Warrior also proved to be one of the biggest motion picture events in Korean cinema history. As the growing Ming dynasty begins to squeeze the Mongol Yuan dynasty West beyond the Chinese Great Wall during the latter part of the 14th Century, a diplomatic envoy from Korea finds itself caught in the crossfire. After being disarmed and virtually decimated by Ming forces, the survivors must struggle to return to the safety of their homeland. Complications arise when they plan to appease the Ming Emperor by rescuing a beautiful Ming princess who is being held captive by a group of Yuan soldiers.

Ohjaaja: Sung-su Kim

Näyttelijät: Zhang Ziyi,Ahn Sung-ki,Joo Jin-mo,Jung Woo-sung,Jin-Mo Ju,Rongguang Yu,Ziyi Zhang,Sung-Kee Ahn,Woo-sung Jung,Yong-woo Park,Jeong-hak Park,Hye-jin Yu,Seok-yong Jeong,Du-il Lee,Yeong-mok Han,Jae-ho Song