Iron Monkey (Platinum Edition) (2 DVD)
  • Iron Monkey (Platinum Edition) (2 DVD)

Iron Monkey (Platinum Edition) (2 DVD)

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Käytetty DVD. Kesto: 1 h 26 min. Ikäraja: sallittu
Tekstitykset: englanti

For this breathtaking epic adventure set in the late Ching dynasty, acclaimed action director Yuen Woo-ping combines incredible dynamic, high-flying fight action and stunning cinematography with a classic story of courage, honour and sacrifice. International action superstars Donnie Yen and Yu Rong Kwong give immaculate performances as two legendary warriors who must put their lives on the line to defeat the barbaric excesses of a corrupt political regime and protect the lives of the people whose cause they champion. Making judicious use of low-key lighting, high contrast colour combinations and a haunting soundtrack, director Yuen Woo-ping creates a unique visual tapestry and captures a mood, which is gently romantic and yet emotionally charged. Each fight sequence is both original and enervating, possessing a relentless kinetic energy and strong emotional underscoring, which lifts it well beyond traditional martial arts action.

Ohjaaja: Yuen Woo-ping

Näyttelijät: Donnie Yen,Tsang Sze Man,Yu Rong-kwong