Legends of Kung Fu 10 Movie Pack (5 DVD)
  • Legends of Kung Fu 10 Movie Pack (5 DVD)
  • Legends of Kung Fu 10 Movie Pack (5 DVD)

Legends of Kung Fu 10 Movie Pack (5 DVD)

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Blind Fist Of BruceBruce Li stars in this 1970s tribute to the formula that made Bruce Lee a star. Plenty of amazing Kung Fu action makes Blind Fist of Bruce an instant Hong Kong classic! (Approx. 90 Min.)Fist Of Fear - Touch Of DeathMayhem reigns where martial arts meet! Filmed at the famous Madison Square Garden this epic contains non-stop action from the legendary Bruce Lee at the peak of his career. Starring with Bruce is former all-pro football star Fred ”The Hammer” Williamson. (Approx. 90 Min.)Kung Fu - The Punch Of DeathKung Fu superstar Meng Fei stars in this WIDESCREEN presentation of the 1970s martial arts classic. Meng Fei is a promising martial artist who is ambushed by a rival school. Through vigorous training he prepares himself for a final battle with the entire school! (Approx. 90 Min.)36 Crazy FistsWong Tai-Kwong doesn’t know much about martial arts and seems doomed to a life of getting beaten up by rival fighters. Until one day when Wong meets a drunken hermit who would become his Kung-Fu teacher. 36 Crazy Fists features the direction and fight choreography of Jackie Chan! (Approx. 80 Min.)Legend Of The Eight SamuraiPrincess Hiroku Yokoshimaru’s family is wiped out along with her bodyguards. All that stands between the princess and certain death is an inexperienced young samurai (Sonny Chiba). Chiba must battle an octet of phantom warriors a witch and a killer centipede! (Approx. 130 Min.)The Street FighterTerry Tsuguri (Sonny Chiba) is a tough mercenary master of martial arts who is hired by the mob to spring a convicted killer from prison. This classic presented in its original WIDESCREEN format features incredible fight scenes by master Chiba. (Approx. 90 Min.)BloodfightYears after retiring from the world of free fighting martial arts a man returns to the deadly world of fighting after his best student is killed in the tournament.Starring Bolo Yeung and Simon Yam. (Approx. 105 Min.)Breathing FireA Vietnamese teenager and his American b

Näyttelijät: Jackie Chan,Tony Leung,Sonny Chiba,Hiroyuki Sanada,Fred Williamson,Bruce Lee,Waichi Yamada,Fei Lung,Chiao Chiao,Bruce Li,Siu Tien Yuen,Hiroko Yakushimaru,Jonathan Ke Quan,Jerry Trimble,Yasuaki Kurata,Ed Neil,Tiger Yueng,Ken-Ming Lum,Lam Lam Lee,Ron Van Clief,Fei MengChiao Chiao