Peloista pahin (Sum of All Fears, The) (DVD)
  • Peloista pahin (Sum of All Fears, The) (DVD)

Peloista pahin (Sum of All Fears, The) (DVD)

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Käytetty DVD. Kesto: 1 h 58 min. Ikäraja: 12
Tekstitykset: suomi,englanti

Ben Affleck is ready for action, commanding the role of CIA agent Jack Ryan in this thrilling adventure based on the Tom Clancy bestseller. America’s Cold War fears are rekindled after the President of Russia dies and is succeeded by a man with a cryptic past. But East-West tensions erupt when the CIA suspects that renegade Russian scientists are developing more nuclear weapons. Mobilised into action by CIA Director William Cabot (Morgan Freeman), Jack Ryan (Affleck) follows a danger-ridden trail to a shocking conclusion: terrorists plan to provoke a war between the U.S. and Russia - by detonating a nuclear bomb at a championship football game...

Ohjaaja: Phil Alden Robinson

Näyttelijät: Philip Baker Hall,Morgan Freeman,Ben Affleck,James Cromwell,Liev Schreiber,Richard Marner,John Beasley,Bruce McGill,Ken Jenkins,Russell Bobbitt,Al Vandecruys,Richard Cohee,Philip Pretten,Alison Darcy,Ostap Soroka