MiB2 - Miehet Mustissa 2 (Men In Black II) (DVD)
  • MiB2 - Miehet Mustissa 2 (Men In Black II) (DVD)

MiB2 - Miehet Mustissa 2 (Men In Black II) (DVD)

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Käytetty DVD. Kesto: 1 h 24 min. Ikäraja: 12
Tekstitykset: suomi,ruotsi

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return as MIB operatives Jay and Kay, with Kay now working for the U.S. postal service and Jay sent to bring him back, ”deneuralise” his memories and save the world from another deadly outer space threat. When alien Serleena lands on earth in search of the Light of Zartha, she takes on the vampish identity of a Victoria’s Secrets model (Lara Flynn Boyle). It soon turns out that Kay is the only MIB agent with enough knowledge of the interloper to stop her/it from destroying the planet! This sequel boasts wonderful visual effects, set design, make-up (courtesy of Oscar-winner Rick Baker), and deadpan direction from Barry Sonnenfeld.

Ohjaaja: Barry Sonnenfeld

Näyttelijät: Rip Torn,Tommy Lee Jones,Lara Flynn Boyle,Rosario Dawson,Will Smith,Johnny Knoxville,David Cross,Tony Shalhoub,Jack Kehler,Patrick Warburton,Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine,Peter Spellos,Michael Rivkin,Michael Bailey Smith,Lenny Venito