30 - Second Bunnies Theatre (DVD)
  • 30 - Second Bunnies Theatre (DVD)

30 - Second Bunnies Theatre (DVD)

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Now, for the first time ever on DVD: The ultimate collection of 30-second Bunnies Theatre animated mini-movie parodies, presented by Starz and Angry Alien Productions. The DVD features the 30-second Bunnies Theatre troupe, created by Jennifer Shiman, re-enacting beloved blockbuster films from the genres of bunny horror to bunny drama, bunny action and bunny comedy. The bunnies painstakingly recreate, summarize and pay homage to movies such as Twilight, Casablanca, Pulp Fiction, The Exorcist, Harry Potter, James Bond, and many others. The bunnies have collected accolades for their re-enactments, such as Brokeback Mountain, which won Webby Awards for Film and Video Animation as well as People’s Voice. The bunnies’ version of The Shining won Best Internet Series at the Ottowa International Animation Festival. The disk contains all 57 completed bunny re-enactments to date, plus special bonus content including spokesbunny interviews, bunny easter eggs from online re-enactments, behind-the-scenes footage, and much more for the Bunny fan. Popcorn and carrots sold separately. This product will be manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media. Standard return policy will apply.


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