Cowboy Bebop - Vol. 2 (DVD)
  • Cowboy Bebop - Vol. 2 (DVD)

Cowboy Bebop - Vol. 2 (DVD)

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Used DVD. Age rating: 12
Subtitles: english

Sisältää jaksot 6-10.

Spike and Vicious’ deadly duel is concluded and Spike has survived to live another day - and to resume attempts at actually making a living as a bounty hunter!

In their quest to earn money to actually buy some decent food, Spike and Jet encounter all types: a strange musical child prodigy, a feisty female space trucker on a mission, a new pupil with a secret agenda, and Jet revisits an old love bringing back some painful memories.

And just who is the mysterious super-hacker known as Ed? After solving a complex mystery, the crew of the Bebop just may have to reluctantly welcome a new crewmate!

While chasing another bounty, Spike and Jet meet Wen, a musical child prodigy. But there is something strange about him. Is there a connection between this kid and the stone a man handed to Spike with his dying breath?

While chasing their latest prey, Spike meets up with space trucker VT. A strong, independent woman, she and Spike seem to become fast friends until she learns he’s a bounty hunter and she blows him off. Their paths cross again, however, as VT is after a guy who hit and run one of her friends. The driver turns out to be Spike and Faye’s target. But the situation turns grim and they will have to work together to get out of this one alive.

Venus is a beautiful planet, now that it’s been terraformed. Unfortunately, the floating plants used to maintain the environment make some people sick. The Bebop crew is pursuing another bounty here, and Spike seems to have reluctantly accepted a young man named Roco as a pupil. But Roco is not all he seems, and he is in fact a wanted man. But he’s not the bad guy he appears to be. What’s a bounty hunter to do?

The crew of the Bebop encounter the genius hacker known as Ed. Bored with hacking, Ed wants to be go with the Bebop crew, but they really don’t want a kid tagging along and getting in the way. So Ed sets out to change their minds...

The Bebop returns to Ganymede, Jet’s home, to drop off a criminal they’ve captured. But this trip home for Jet can only bring back painful memories. As he goes to find answers to his past, Spike gets a lead on a new bounty from the local cops. Fate is rarely kind.


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