Virtual Kasparov (GBA) (CIB)
  • Virtual Kasparov (GBA) (CIB)

Virtual Kasparov (GBA) (CIB)

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Used Game Boy Advance game. Age rating: exempt
Virtual Kasparov focuses on the battle aspect of chess by including a story mode like that of popular fighting games. You will challenge chess champions from different parts of the world, unlock increasingly harder challenges from a series of bosses, and work your way up from the average street chess player to Garry Kasparov himself. This game is designed to appeal to beginners, but provide a real challenge for advanced players as well. You will learn through the extensive tutorial mode, with its 50 modules, tons of advanced tricks and tips that only a champion can give you. There are 31 different opponents, including Garry Kasparov, and fully customizable opponents, plus the aforementioned story mode with unlockable bonuses. 1 or 2 players (Game Link cable optional).


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