Tuhon Tiellä (Way of the Gun, The) (DVD)
  • Tuhon Tiellä (Way of the Gun, The) (DVD)

Tuhon Tiellä (Way of the Gun, The) (DVD)

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Used DVD. Running time: 1 h 54 min. Age rating: 18
Subtitles: finnish

From Christopher McQuarrie, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of The Usual Suspects, this wickedly off-beat mix of crime, comedy and gunplay stars Ryan Phillippe and Benicio Del Toro. Convinced they’ll score big money fast by kidnapping a young surrogate mother (Juliette Lewis) carrying the child of a wealthy Southwestern couple, the two small calibre crooks soon run into major problems. Realising too late that they are in over their heads, the kidnappers fight to keep their plan from unravelling amid a rising tide of bloodshed, mind games and greed...

Director: Christopher McQuarrie

Actors: Juliette Lewis,Benicio Del Toro,James Caan,Ryan Phillippe,Nicky Katt,Geoffrey Lewis,Taye Diggs,Henry Griffin,Armando Guerrero,Jan Jensen,Dylan Kussman,Kristin Lehman,Andres Orozco,José Pérez,Neil Pollock


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