Julmia Aikeita 2 (Cruel Intentions 2) (DVD)
  • Julmia Aikeita 2 (Cruel Intentions 2) (DVD)

Julmia Aikeita 2 (Cruel Intentions 2) (DVD)

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Used DVD. Age rating: exempt
Subtitles: finnish

When the roguish Sebastian unites with his wicked stepsister Kathryn in their grand new townhome in New York, he plans to put his past behind him and become a one-woman man. Especially after meeting the stunningly innocent Danielle, the daughter of Manchester Prep’s Headmaster. But after being crossed by Sebastian, Kathryn plots to test the strength of the lovers’ relationship by throwing a few curves - namely herself - at her step-brother. Can Sebastian resist Kathryn’s ample charms and dedicate himself solely to educating the naïve Danielle in the ways of love? Everything is up for grabs, and nothing is what it seems in this deliciously tantalizing tale of corruption, domination and seduction.

Director: Roger Kumble

Actors: Mimi Rogers,Robin Dunne,Barry Flatman,Amy Adams,Sarah Thompson


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