One Perfect Day (2004) (DVD)
  • One Perfect Day (2004) (DVD)

One Perfect Day (2004) (DVD)

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Used DVD. Running time: 1 h 45 min. Age rating: exempt
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One Perfect Day is the story of 22-year old musical genius, Tommy Matisse. With love, passion, and tragedy surrounding him, Tommy Matisse strives for a way to express his joy and suffering through music. Struggling against the confines of academic music, and the harshness of the underground club scene, Tommy overcomes the odds to create a modern day opera, bringing hope and joy to a generation.

Director: Paul Currie

Actors: Leigh Whannell,Abbie Cornish,Frank Gallacher,Leeanna Walsman,Dawn Klingberg,Nathan Phillips,Dan Spielman,Kerry Armstrong,Malcolm Robertson,Josephine Eberhard,Roy Davies,Amy McKay,Toni Joel,Nathan Wentworth,Alex Menglet


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