Maria Holic Alive - Complete Collection (2 DVD)
  • Maria Holic Alive - Complete Collection (2 DVD)

Maria Holic Alive - Complete Collection (2 DVD)

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Uusi DVD. Kesto: 5 h Ikäraja: 16
Tekstitykset: englanti

Some things never change: Ame no Kisaki, that famous and exclusive boarding school, STILL doesn´t accept boys, and Kanako, Kisaki´s most romantically unfortunate student, STILL doesn´t accept them either. (They give her the hives. Literally.) Sadly, that means that Kanako´s STILL trying to connect with ANYONE of the same sex, and having the usual horrid luck. She´s STILL in imminent peril of dying from the constant nosebleeds she gets from being over stimulated by the presence of her fellow classmates. And she´s STILL forced to endure the tragedy of sharing a room with the school´s most beautiful girl who is, of course, STILL a guy in drag. Poor Kanako! She came hoping to find love and happiness, and all she´s found is misery, frustration and a level of desperation so great that she´ll even take a chance on a sleepover in a dorm filled with deathtraps. But what YOU´LL find is non-stop hilarity as the girl least likely to succeed refuses to give up, even if it kills her (and it probably will,) as Kanako´s quest for love continues in MARIA HOLIC ALIVE! The Complete Series!