Cat Returns, The (2 DVD)
  • Cat Returns, The (2 DVD)

Cat Returns, The (2 DVD)

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Käytetty DVD. Ikäraja: 7
Tekstitykset: englanti

Studio Ghibli tuotantoa vuodelta 2002.

A 17-year-old girl named Haru saves a cat from a car accident. Little she knows that the cat is the son of the Cat King, who rules over a feline realm of an alternate world. Haru is offered a reward but nothing the kingdom’s feline messenger offers (catnip, foxtail grass, etc.) seems enticing to the girl. As an alternate reward, the messager offers to take her to the feline land where she can slouch around, eating and sleeping all day just like any household cat. Now, THIS sounds enticing to her, who doesn’t seem to fit in anyway in her own human world where she’s one step behind everybody else all the time. However, all is not what she expected in the feline world where strange adventures await her...

Ohjaaja: Hiroyuki Morita