Big Shots Funeral (DVD)
  • Big Shots Funeral (DVD)

Big Shots Funeral (DVD)

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Uusi DVD. Kesto: 1 h 36 min. Ikäraja: 7
Tekstitykset: suomi

World famous film director Don Tyler (Donald Sutherland) is surrounded by hundreds of costumed extras in China’s fantastic Forbidden City when a creative drought hits and he has no idea where to put the camera. Tossed off the picture by his studio boss (Paul Mazursky), Tyler’s depression is only relieved by his unlikely friendship with down-on-his-luck cameraman YoYo (Ge You). Knowing he’s not well, Tyler asks his friend to plan a ”comedy funeral” for him where people leave feeling happy, as they do at Chinese funerals of the elderly. When Tyler eventually falls into a coma, YoYo begins the task of granting Tyler’s last wish. However, when the costs of his spectacular funeral spin wildly out of control, can YoYo hold it all together by selling prime ad space at this unique event to be televised around the world? And more importantly for YoYo, can he convince Tyler’s lovely assistant Lucy (Rosamund Kwan) that he isn’t just selling Tyler out to the highest bidder? That’s the world of BIG

Ohjaaja: Xiaogang Feng

Näyttelijät: Rosamund Kwan,Donald Sutherland,Paul Mazursky,You Ge,Da Ying