Heroes - 2. tuotantokausi (Heroes - Season 2) (4 Blu-ray)
  • Heroes - 2. tuotantokausi (Heroes - Season 2) (4 Blu-ray)

Heroes - 2. tuotantokausi (Heroes - Season 2) (4 Blu-ray)

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Käytetty Blu-ray. Kesto: 16 h 6 min. Ikäraja: 16
Tekstitykset: englanti

Season 2 begins with our heroes striving to be ordinary, four months after the explosive events in New York at the end of Season 1. The fates of Peter, Nathan and Matt are revealed, following the showdown with Sylar and Peter’s uncontrolled nuclear detonation miles above New York City. As everyone attempts to move on, a new sinister force begins stalking and murdering heroes. With the family hiding in Southern California, HRG and Claire attempt to live as inconspicuously as possible - which proves to be easier said than done. Meanwhile, after landing in feudal Japan, Hiro meets his hero Takezo Kensei. And twins Maya and Alejandro Herrera hope to make the crossing into the US from Mexico, in hopes of finding help with their deadly abilities.

Näyttelijät: Ali Larter,Adrian Pasdar,Greg Grunberg,Hayden Panettiere,Jimmy Jean-Louis,Ashley Crow,Masi Oka,Cristine Rose,Milo Ventimiglia,Leonard Roberts,Thomas Dekker,Jack Coleman,Santiago Cabrera,Noah Gray-Cabey,James Kyson Lee,Sendhil Ramamurthy,Zachary Quinto,Tawny Cypress