Pikku salaisuuksia (Little Secrets (2001)) (DVD)
  • Pikku salaisuuksia (Little Secrets (2001)) (DVD)

Pikku salaisuuksia (Little Secrets (2001)) (DVD)

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Uusi DVD. Kesto: 1 h 32 min. Ikäraja: 7
Tekstitykset: suomi,englanti,ruotsi

14 year-old Emily Lindstrom (Evan Rachel Wood), a gifted violinist, is skipping summer camp with her friends in order to rehearse for her audition with the prestigious San Francisco Youth Orchestra. Emily also has set up a side business as the neighborhood ”Secret Keeper”. All of the neighborhood children line up for the chance to share their secrets with her for a 50 cent fee. Isabelle for example, is courting a teenager on the Internet while pretending to be her 14-year-old sister. Lea, 7, is hiding a kitten in her bedroom even though her sister is allergic to cats. Chubby Gregory is stealing money from his parent to buy candy. Mikey is trying to dig to China. For her nominal fee, Emily keeps their secrets and offers advice to her young admirers. Emily soon discovers that there is a price to keeping secrets and it can’t be measured in coins...

Ohjaaja: Blair Treu

Näyttelijät: Vivica A. Fox,Evan Rachel Wood,David Gallagher,Michael Angarano,Danielle Chuchran,Jan Broberg Felt,Rick Macy,Paul Kiernan,Tayva Patch,Micah Schow,Caitlin E.J. Meyer,Landon Kunzelman,Haley McCormick,RuDee Lipscomb,Erica Angarano